Independent Civil Law Notaries

Notary Feldkirch
Mag. Clemens Schmölz, LL.M. (LSE)
Civil Law Notary

Notary Bregenz
Dr. Kurt Zimmermann & Partner
Civil Law Notary

Notary Egg/Bregenzerwald
Dr. Christian Holzer, M.A.
Civil Law Notary, Arbitrator

Real Property

Your Real Property

  • What costs do I face when buying a house?
  • Does the seller hold clear title to the real property?
  • What rights can I reserve when handing over real property?
  • I want to pass my farm on to my child, what do I need to consider?
  • What zoning regulations govern my real property? Can I build on it? Does the property have access to a public road?
  • What is escrow?

Our Responsibility

  • Our Responsibility
  • Avoiding costly mistakes
  • Ensuring safe title transfer for houses, flats or plots
  • Handling all work toward public authorities, even if complicated
  • Drawing up contracts, certification of signatures, escrow, entry in the Land Registry – we take care of all details

You can trust us to give you the right advice and legal certainty.

Real Property
Notary / Real Property
Notary / Real Property