Independent Civil Law Notaries

Notary Feldkirch
Mag. Clemens Schmölz, LL.M. (LSE)
Civil Law Notary

Notary Bregenz
Dr. Kurt Zimmermann & Partner
Civil Law Notary

Notary Egg/Bregenzerwald
Dr. Christian Holzer, M.A.
Civil Law Notary, Arbitrator


Your Marriage, Your Civil Partnership, Your Children

  • Is this the right time to transfer title to our house to our child?
  • What rights can we reserve when passing title to our flat to our child?
  • Do I have to move out if we don’t have a prenuptial agreement or civil partnership contract?
  • We want to separate and divide our assets amicably. How do we do that?
  • Does my child, who was conceived with the help of a sperm donor, have the right to know her or his biological father?

Our Responsibility

  • Making clear arrangements for gifting and title transfer, safeguarding parents‘ rights
  • Understanding family interests, helping achieve a compromise
  • Drawing up fair terms for separations
  • Preserving family assets

You can trust us to give you the right advice and legal certainty.

Notary / Family
Notary / Family